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Why XBOX Game Pass Puts Players Back in Control

I’ve recently become a subscriber of XBOX Game Pass. Until now I haven’t had much of a desire for it but Forza Horizon 4 came out and hot damn I want some of that. After seeing it was included in Game Pass I decided this was a chance to kill two birds with one stone.

After using Game Pass for the last month or so, I can see why Microsoft are putting so much behind this service. It is amazing value for players, and really puts us back in control of gaming. Here’s how:

First – its super simple to sign up to, but also simple to cancel meaning that if you don’t find value in it then you’re not locked in to a horribly long contract you can’t get out of and you don’t need to spend 15 hours arguing with them over the phone like some certain companies.

Second – the library of games. At first, scrolling through the list I thought “these aren’t that interesting and the ones I’m most interested in I already own anyway”. Or so I thought. But having Game Pass gave me a completely different mentality. I’ve already paid my subscription, so these cost nothing, so I’ll at least give them a try.

This has me playing more games than ever before, because of how accessible they are. Sure, there are still some in that library that I’m not interested in but that’ll always happen. There are hundreds of games, with many being added all the time, there is something for everyone even if you don’t see it yet.

Finally – the way that studios are paid.

This is the big one. Studios always follow the money, and Game Pass totally changes the game here. I did some researching on how Game Pass pays developers and it is the most important metric to a game – play time.

While playing Game Pass games your XBOX is recording the time spent in them. This is all sent back to Microsoft, added up, and your subscription fee is split proportionally between the developers. The more time you spend on a game? The more of your subscription goes to the developer that made it.

This incentivises developers to create great, immersive, and fun experiences instead of just flogging the same re-hashes of old junk over and over again because it sells well on release day. There’s more of an incentive to keep releasing DLC (maybe even cheaper or one day free) because of the ongoing revenue from gamers playing the game.

Game Pass is powerful, and it puts this power in our hands. Microsoft have really done good here, and I really hope they can keep ploughing more games in to the library. They’re on to a true winner.


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