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Time to Sort Myself Out

I have a real problem with motivation, keeping doing what I want to do, and actually achieving things. Honestly. I’m fucking awful at it.

I have many things I want to do, but ultimately never do. Last year? I wanted to learn Go and get started with Swift. I also wanted to start dipping my feet in to iOS app development.

Did I achieve any of that? Fuck no.

This is a real problem I’ve had for a long time. If you look at my name on Companies House you can see I have more than one active business and a few dead ones. I start ideas, I begin building, but I never follow them through.

This year, this changes.

quickfire will be launching in MVP status in a few months. I’ve wanted to launch it sooner (I did even plan on doing it last month) but its not ready for that. It isn’t in a state I would call release-worthy. Part of the reason for this? I’ve been putting it off – and I love writing code for it.

This year I’m determined to change this. Later on last year I started getting my finances in order (thanks Monzo), now its to start getting the rest of my life in order.

My Getting Organised series will be covering how I plan on getting things organised and automating things to free me up to do what I want to do – now I just need to convince myself to actually do what I want to do.

Let’s hope this goes well.


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